Jeff Jacobs Band

Hello Fans and Friends. We are getting close to the end of the year and we have a lot of news. First of all thanks to all your help, we are #5 on  Radio Free Texas from a #38 in less than a month. Our album is continuing to sell. Our number one seller is Bartender's Bible(which is why we named the album as so haha) with Little Girl as a close second. We also have currently getting radio airplay on several stations including Jango, Radio Free Texas, WCPR Radio Network, Splash radio, and others. We still need you to request us at the local Texas Radio Stations. The more you request the more likely we will be played!! Our CD is going to be available on disk soon. It was only our plan to release it digital only but the fans have spoken. We also have the new EP in the works that may be out by the end of this year. So make sure you get out to our next show and pick up your Jeff Jacobs Band cd before they sell out. As always thank you for all the support and look forward seeing you soon!!!