Jeff Jacobs Band

Hello again,  now it's time for a history lesson on how the album Bartender's Bible came to be.This album was started about  six years ago. Originally the first song was pocket full of dreams which started as an idea of mine when I was in a band called Doubling Down. It wasn't actually played live until the next band , the Jtrain, with our current guitarist Jeff Cox and bassist Nathan Schmitt put there own spin on it. Jeff Bailey of the Jtrain played drums on the recording but all other instruments were tracked and recorded by by myself between the transition from the Jtrain to the Jeff Jacobs Band. Little Girl was the second recording on the album and it was done in my home studio. It has become one of the top 3 most popular songs. 4 more songs were recorded in Nexus studio during the Jtrain days and were later remixed and remastered with add tracks to make it more radio friendly. The final song recorded for the album was the title track to the album Bartender's Bible.  It remains the top selling song on the album. 

Well I hope you enjoyed our little trip and looking forward to many blogs to come.......