Jeff Jacobs Band

Well the Cd is finally is out. We have had a really successful  year so far. With over 1100 fans in the first nine months of the band forming and radio play getting started, and shows being booked we are looking forward to a very successful next few months. With that in mind there are some people I would like to thank for their contributions to the Bartender's Bible cd. They are as follows:

Jeff Bailey: Drums on track 1,2,6,8, and 9

Jason Espinosa: Guitar tracks on track 1,2,9 and backing vocals for track 6

John Bernal: Backing Vocals on track 1,2,6 and harmonica solos on track 8 and 9

the songs were remixed and remastered and modified but the the original tracks that these great musicians contributed remained on the Album. I would like to personally thank them and appreciated a chance to work with them. Although we are no longer working together I do wish them well on the current project Borderline. I heard great things about them and think that you should go see them if you have a chance. Thanks again!!