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So the past few days have been great. I finally had a chance to catch up with my brother on Tuesday. I felt really bad about not hanging out more but I think he understands. He has the musician bug like me so he knows that it can get crazy. Man I drank too much but I regret nothing!!! Lol!! Wednesday I had some free time(finally) so I joined my friends at the Shade Tree Saloon for songwriters night. Always good to see David Lee and all the great songwriters in our area! My two daughters went for the first time and had a blast. So interesting how music influences all my family and it makes me so freakin stoked! Now if we can just get to Friday......

So for the last few months I have been the bass player for the Jeff Jacobs Band. Come to realize that it’s gonna be hard to find a permanent fourth member I decided to take this on. It’s been a fun ride and I think the bass is really enjoyable to play in a band. Yesterday our rehearsal was spot on so I’m really excited to start playing full band shows again!! This weekend it’s on!!

Got a late start this morning because I was driving back from Denton Texas and didn’t get home until 2am. 8 hours total of back and forth driving sucks!!! What didn’t suck was the opportunity to play on Real Texas Radio last night. I also got to share the stage with a great artist Melissa Brooke. I’ll take those experiences over driving any day! I enjoy meeting new people that share my love for music and it helps to keep me trucking on to my goals in life. Got a chance to play some of the new material for the album and some fan favorites to a new crowd. It all got met with great reception. I also dared myself to do something off the wall in the middle of the show. My dedication to my hero Scott Weiland. Not a perfect person but a great artist and a solid songwriter. He is definitely missed. Thanks everyone for tuning in and see y’all soon!!!

So yesterday was both a great day and sad day at the same time. This was the first time I walked into a studio without the original band. With a acoustic in my hand I prepared for the first time working with studio musicians. I wasn’t sure what to expect but once I played the first song and everyone joined in I knew this was going to be great session. After the first few hours we had took a small break and headed out to Firehouse subs for a quick lunch. At the table in conversation I found out my producer is also know as “Reverend Hames”.........long story. We called it a day around six and I got in my car and spent 3 hours on the road home. During that time I was thinking back of all the things I’ve done with this project and what’s to come.......after hearing the preproduction sessions I know that this is going to be a great album!!

Today I arrived in SugarLand Texas to work on what is to be the next step in my career. Well I had some time to kill so I was walking around and ended up at Walgreens.......walking up and down ailses and found 10 pack of pens for 24 cent!!! Maybe this my lucky day so I bought 4 packs.......what do you know, Jeff Jacobs Band has their  first office supplies! Lol 

I've come to realize that music and family are the only things that I love!! It is time to take the training wheels off and start to make this a full time gig!! 

Today I thought of all the things that we have been through as a

Whenever I get to Mondays I think one of my favorite movies. Office Space is one of the great comedies of the 90s. It also is the first DVD I ever owned. I still remember when I first put it in the DVD player which was also brand new and I thought I broke it. It said I got a virus. Then I realized what a title screen was! Dam, now I feel old.....well thats my blog for today but before I go I just want to say "im gonna burn this place down"........

Happy Sunday morning to you.  For those who know me are aware of my strong importance of family time. Although it isn't always possible you need to make it possible. Sunday is definitely the day to do it!! Call someone you haven't talked to in a while, play a game with the kids,  or just fire up that grill and throw some ribs on for me. So with that being said I gotta go. Thanks again for listening and checking in!! Have a great Sunday. 

Hello again,  now it's time for a history lesson how the album Bartender's Bible came to be.This album was started about  six years ago. Originally the first song was pocket full of dreams which started as an idea of mine when I was in a band called Doubling Down. It wasn't actually played live until the next band the Jtrain with our current guitarist Jeff Cox and bassist Nathan Schmitt put there own spin on it. Jeff Bailey of the Jtrain played drums on the recording but all other instruments were tracked and recorded by by myself between the transition from the Jtrain to the Jeff Jacobs Band.

So here is my first installment of what is to become a daily we go!! So first things first,  our ep is getting closer to the finishing stages. Our producer Mack Damon has really been kicking our butts to get a great album and it's paying off. Our practice last night has made me realize just how much the studio is making us better musicians. Last night I raised my glass to you Mack! 

As of the last show we apologize to any of you that came out. The rain got the best of us. Im convinced that us and outdoors shows do not mix! We won't really be making any plans for any new shows till next year due to the album as we are really taking the time to make it good just for you! 

Keep checking back to the website for more updates as we go and thank you for being our fans!!!

So we got a chance to Meet Meat!!....

As we promised studio outtakes!!

So we took a little break from recording and did and acoustic show last week.

Hello Fans and Friends!! I know it has been a while

Hello Friends and Fans!!! It's been a while!! We been doing some behind the scenes work and it is paying off. Our follow up EP to Bartender's Bible has been negotiated and is ....

Hello Fans and Friends. We are getting close to the end of the year and we have a lot of news

Hi Jeff Jacobs Fans.First of all the band would like to thank you for your continued support of the band and now it's time to get us heard. These are the hotlines of some of the stations where we submitted our music to. Now as you know if we going to get played we need requests. That is where you come in. Help support the band by requesting your favorite Jeff Jacobs Band song. Now just cause you don't live in the area don't mean you can't request. We know that word of mouth and hearing our music is the best way to get attention and the more you request the more we get heard by others. Texas is waiting to hear from you!! Lets do this!!



     Currently we are almost a 1000 fans on but we are lacking on the Facebook Page. Therefore we are giving you an opportunity to get free music!!! 

Hello Fans,

          As you know we have released the CD Bartender's Bible back in May and it is doing well. We have received airplay on quite a few stations and working on new stations as we speak. Although...

A New Contest is upon us this Summer!!! In promotion of our Debut CD Bartender's Bible we are giving away Free Jeff Jacobs Band Tshirts!! To win all you have to do is....

So as we are getting into the beginning of summer we are the Currently the Featured Artist on A-1 Radio Station. Station Director Mark Evans said and I quote

For the month of June we offering a special promotion for the debut Cd. If you purchase the new cd Bartender's Bible on Itunes, Google Play, or Amazon Mp3 and you will receive a coupon to purchase a Jeff Jacobs Band shirt for only 3 Dollars!!! Now in order to get your coupon you must

Well the Cd is finally is out. We have had a really successful  year so far. With over 1100 fans in the first nine months of the band forming and radio play getting started, and shows being booked we are looking forward to a very successful next few months.

What's Happening this month!!!

So the site is finally up and going!!!

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