Jeff Jacobs Band

Jeff Jacobs Band

Building fans the old-fashioned way...earning them!

Jeff Jacobs Band maintains a reputation as one of the hardest working bands in Texas.

Even though Dillon Steen, owner of Steen Entertainment, who now focuses on radio promotion has never worked directly with Jeff Jacobs Band, he uses the band as example to others on how bands should operate. Their old school approaches of reaching fans one by one has definitely helped them earn this title. Jeff says, “It’s like knocking on doors. Eventually one will open and when it does be prepared! We want to build relationships with our fans and this is the way to do it.”

Jeff Jacobs Band interests a wide variety of fans. “We appeal to people who listen to country and even some that regularly don’t. People tell us all the time that we don’t sound like anyone else,” and this is a natural reaction to Jeff, as he puts it, “because every song speaks to those who listen.” This individuality has earned them notice at every venue, and there is a common response. “We’ll play a set and take a break and fans come up and say ‘Where the hell have you been!’ like we’ve been hiding in plain sight,” chuckles Jeff.

Since their latest release in October 2015, they were nominated for best new band of 2017 and Jeff Jacobs took home the Best New Male Artist of 2017 from the Big Star 97 awards. Other notable mentions are a Finalist for Homer’s Backyard Ball battle of the bands, Hard Rock Cafe’s Battle of the Bands runner up, and two charting singles on the Texas Regional Radio Report. Jeff Jacobs Band also collaborated with The Roundup in Boerne, Texas to create the Black Friday Texas Music Festival to support Texas music. Jeff explain his reasoning for promoting the festival “We need to start taking care of each other and this festival was meant to be just that. I see so many great artists in Texas and it’s time for them to be heard!” Jeff Jacobs Band is set to return to the studio in 2018 for their second, and this time, full-length album.

Hard work is no stranger to Jeff, it’s what got him to the place where he is. “I am the Middle-Class Working Man. I’ll always know where I came from,” explains Jeff about how work was never a career outside of music. “I’ve always considered everything else to be just a job. If it doesn’t have to do with music, it ain’t my career!” Pondering it some more, he says, “If there is a question about whether I tried to fill the void somewhere else, yes, but it never felt right to me.”

It’s these roots in his experience, tough times growing up, and making ends meet in his own life where with that empathy of others, gives Jeff his passion for pursuing music. “I was never going to sit around and wallow in the fact that I went through hard times in my life and I try to raise the spirits of those around me. I am going to enjoy life and I want to share that with everyone.” You won’t worry either when you’re listening to the album or attending one of the Jeff Jacobs Band shows, if Jeff has anything to do with it. “You’re going to see a big smile on my face, and on everyone else in the band, and I’m going to do my damndest making sure you have one on your face, too. We’re going to have a great time, together, when you hear these songs come out of this band.” 

Reaching this point in his music career has not come without critics. Focusing on original music finds a longer path to success, but more personally more rewarding. Jeff adds, “I have always wanted to play my own songs. I never wanted to do covers, because it felt empty being really great at sounding like King George or Zac Brown Band, having people dancing and clapping for songs that weren’t mine.” So it comes with little question why Jeff sought the formation of Jeff Jacobs Band, “Look around,” he says. “None of the big acts, Garth Brooks, Wade Bowen, Willie Nelson, Gary Allen….none of those guys really go it alone. They are surrounded by great musicians and friends, just like me. I prefer the camaraderie of a band, the feedback and the constructive criticism, and having a core of artists that define the sound than going it alone and looking for just anyone to deliver the music.”

Speaking to fans with their music, the Jeff Jacobs Band is building organic Likes on Facebook and more and more follow them on social media following them after shows, many of them becoming “Super Fans” that actively promote the band to their friends and family. Not depending solely on the backs of others, Jeff Jacobs Band is always builds a busy schedule, hitting the pavement, and getting the music in front of as many people as possible. Actively engaged with festival organizers all over the country, aligning with booking agents, they seriously anticipate opening for large acts over the next year, and gaining more radio play, really catapulting the band to a new level. 

“Shortly after I graduated high school, I had two kids,” Jeff explains. “It put things on hold from a professional musician standpoint, for me. But I always kept playing. Always playing. I would play for my kids, my family, and my friends.” Jeff expands on the point, “I didn’t start playing professionally until 2000, and that’s when the intersection of reality in the love of music and success in music set in. I really feel all of the things I’ve been through have brought me to this point. Success is about never giving up. Now is the time,” Jeff says with a toothy grin on his face, “because if a singer sings in the woods and there is no one to hear it, does it matter?”